École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School


Food Studies

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So you want to be the next Master Chef? Do you idolize Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay? Then this is the course for you.

In the first course of Foods, Food Basics, there will be a review of safety and sanitation as well as standard need to know techniques in the kitchen.  Students will also examine how kitchen appliances can help to make work easier in the kitchen.  In the next course, Contemporary Baking, the focus lies in understanding the major ingredients used in baking and learning and practicing the three basic mixing methods in baking. The final course will be determined as a class based on interest and specific skills wanting to be developed.  

Foods  20 is a more intensive and challenging course to Foods 10. The goal is to build a strong knowledge base and greater skill and technique development.  Here work on specific areas of food preparation and presentation will be the focus.   Once students reach the advanced level of food studies, they will learn that practice makes perfect.   Through a variety of challenging courses, the goal will be to refine skills and techniques learned in Foods 20.  Students will have more autonomy in selecting and preparing labs completed for each course. Presentations and strong organizational skills will play a larger role at this level.