École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School


Merchandising: Business & Design

If you enjoy digital design and marketing, this course stream is for you! Graphic design and layout, small business operation, marketing and production, printing, sublimation, merchandise sales, journalism and media promotions are just some of the areas available to students in this course. Within the Merchandising 10 course, students will identify business opportunities and may then design a product, market, produce and eventually sell their merchandise.  Potential options that students may design and produce includes t-shirts, calendars, hoodies, socks, bags, mugs, stickers, posters and more. The creative design and innovative business experience of this course addresses skills valued in many post-secondary programs and gives students an opportunity to experience digital design and product development in a tangible, fun way. Previous experience in the Photography program is an asset but not a requirement.

Merchandising 20 builds on the skills and knowledge of Merchandising: Business and Design 10. Students have the opportunity to refine their business from the previous year or begin a new venture. Each path involves developing an enhanced brand identity for their business and using Adobe professional software to create a print and digital advertising campaign. Students will also create professional product packaging using Adobe Illustrator. As part of the course, Merchandising 20 students will have the opportunity to manage retail production and operation.