École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School


Photography & Design

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The Photography and Design Program is a dynamic, hands-on stream of courses that introduces students to the world of Visual Composition, DSLR Photography, Studio Lighting and Adobe Photoshop. Through a variety of fun assignments, students will learn to control a camera in full manual mode, work in a photography studio setting and retouch their images using the professional standard, Adobe Photoshop.

Students learn to employ principles of design, colour theory and typography in their photography. Students will develop essential skills for making and displaying high-quality photographs and will learn the technical and creative uses of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Students will use Adobe Photoshop to enhance their photographs. Students will submit their best work for the annual ESBCHS Art Show. Students will also complete COM1005 – a prerequisite for many CTS courses. The intermediate level of this course allows students to examine different media and their impact on personal, community and national interests. Students will learn to create well-designed publications and will expand their skill in composition, exposure, basic studio and location lighting, camera operation, image processing and image display. Students will explore the effects and purposes of various lenses and focal lengths. Students are introduced to the principles and practices of client services. Students will submit their best work for the annual ESBCHS Art Show.

Students who take this course through to the advanced level will learn and apply various light sources and set-ups with an emphasis on off-camera lighting, both in the photography studio and on location. They will continue their study of digital publishing and layout as well as non-destructive editing and manipulation. Students will have the opportunity to select from a variety of special interest subjects such as: Photojournalism, Colour Photography, Black and White Photography and Outdoor/Landscape Photography. Students will submit their best work in the annual ESBCHS Art Show.