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Art Program

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Art Program - Courses

Art 11 – Art History **New Course for 2021-2022

Are you curious about why Van Gogh cut off his ear? Have you always wanted to go to the Louvre in Paris? Ever wonder what Banksy’s real identity is, or ponder why the Mona Lisa is smiling? Curious about how art came to be in the first place? Have you wanted to learn more about art in a fun and interactive way? Art 11 answers all of these questions and more. Art 11 offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge in art, with an emphasis on art history and how art functions in society. The course is intended to recognize that not all students wish to make art, but should have an opportunity to become knowledgeable about it and enjoy art. Students will begin to learn about various points in art history, develop critique skills, connect with community art, learn how art is displayed, and understand the purpose, function, and appreciation of art.  Art 10 is a good complementary course. There is a course fee associated with this course.

Art 10

Art 10 focuses on developing the skills necessary to see and record the world around you. The student will learn how to gesture sketch and how to develop volume through shading and form. We will study colour, value and perspective, and work in a variety of media including: pencil, charcoal, conte, paint (acrylic, oil, and watercolour), clay and/or wire sculpture. There is an emphasis on skill development combined with creative expression.  There is a course fee associated with this course. Students receive an Art Kit (Level 1).

Art 20 

In Art 20, the student will learn to express ideas in greater depth, detail, and precision. We will draw the human form and portraits, and improve rendering of depth and landscape. We will study colour temperature, intensity and value, and research artists. In Art 20, there is a greater opportunity for self-expression and work in preferred media. The semester culminates with an independent project: mural, sculpture, painting or drawing!  There is a course fee associated with this course. Students receive an Art Kit (Level 2).

Art 30  

In Art 30, the student will focus on developing expertise and personal voice. In-depth studies include advanced figurative and portraiture work and colour study. There is a greater emphasis on developing personal style and voice. If desired, students will prepare a portfolio that may be used for post secondary programs or potential employers.  There is a course fee associated with this course. Students receive an Art Kit (Level 3).