École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School


Grade 12 Course Selections

Parents & students are invited to attend our Out of Boundary Registration Evenings on April 19 or April 20.

If you attend the Out of Boundary registration evenings, you will have the opportunity to complete the online registration form at the school, if you have not already done so. You are urged to print off and complete a course planner to bring with you on the registration evenings to speed up the process, or to at least have an idea of which option courses you wish to choose. Course planners will also be available on those evenings.

If you are unable to attend the registration evenings, then upon completion of the district’s online New Student Registration form, including uploading/submitting all required documentation, you will be contacted by the school to book an appointment for an intake meeting beginning in late April. If you are unable to upload your documents from within the registration portal, you may bring the documents to your appointment.

At the time or your appointment, counsellors will assist you with the course selection process. To expedite this process, you are asked to review the Frequently Asked Questions for incoming Grade 12 students below. We also ask that you print off and complete a course planner (below) and indicate course preferences which could speed up the registration process. Core course selections will be based on your most current marks which must be provided at the time of your appointment.

Grade 12 2023-2024 Course Planner – PRINT THIS

It is recommended that parents/students print off a course planner and indicate course preferences to aid in the registration process.

Sample Grade 12 Course Planner

Please view this sample course planner to see how to make course selections.

Please click on the image above to review our Student Handbook for course descriptions and school information.

Grade 12 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose my courses for grade 12?

  • In order to assist you in understanding the course selection process, all new grade 12 students are encouraged to print off the Grade 12 course planner, which can be found as a link above.
  • A sample grade 12 course planner is also available on this page above to assist in completing the course planner.
  • Please refer to the Student Handbook from the menu on the left for detailed course and school information.
  • It is strongly recommended that students and parents carefully choose the courses together.

What is the difference between 3, 5 and 10 credit courses?

  • All courses, except for Instrumental Music, are semestered. Semester 1 runs from September until the end of January. Semester 2 runs from February until the end of June. ESBCHS has a 2-day rotation, which means that if Monday is Day 1, then Tuesday is Day 2 and Wednesday is Day 1 and so on.
  • Courses are scheduled in the timetable based on how many credits they are worth:
    • 3 credit classes are every second day for one semester (Day 1 or Day 2)
    • 5 credit classes are every day for one semester (Day 1 and Day 2)
    • 10 credit classes (which are available for grade 11 & 12 students only) are scheduled for 2 consecutive blocks every day for one semester (Day 1 and Day 2)

What if I plan to register for Summer School this year?

  • If you are planning to take a course in summer school, we strongly suggest that you select it on your course planner and online. It will be easier to drop a course that was completed in summer than it would be to pick up a course in September. Black Gold School Division offers summer school for most courses. Click here for more information. Other school districts also offer summer school and you can take a course from any school district.
    • If you complete a course in summer school and require a timetable change, you would need to send an email at the end of August to [email protected] to book an appointment for a timetable change.

How can I be sure I am meeting all requirements for a High School Diploma?

  • High School diploma requirements and Certificate of Achievement requirements are explained in detail in our Student Handbook.
  • Grade 12 students must register in 10 credits at the 30-level credits other than English and Social. This can include math or science courses, CTS, fine arts, languages, physical education and any other 30-level courses.
    • If you did not complete CALM and/or Phys Ed 10 in Grade 10 or 11 and are not currently registered for those courses, or if you are failing either of those courses, you must select them for Grade 12. These are required courses for graduation.

Is there a minimum number of credits that I have to take in Grade 12?

  • Grade 12 students must register in a minimum of 30. If you are not on track to have earned 75 credits in total for your Grade 10 & Grade 11 years, you should request a minimum of 35 credits for grade 12.
  • Be sure to add up the credits for the courses chosen on the front page and the back to ensure you are choosing appropriate courses. Choose carefully as changes in the fall are not guaranteed as many classes fill up.

Are the requirements for a High School Diploma the same as post-secondary entrance requirements?

  • No. Post-Secondary requirements for entrance into specific programs may have different criteria than course required for High School graduation. Students are encouraged to research programs to find out the specific course requirements for post-secondary entrance into their program of choice.

What do I need to know about course prerequisites?

  • All core courses and most CTS (career and technology studies) courses, fine arts, languages, physical education and other option courses do have prerequisite courses and marks. More detail can be found in the Student Handbook. Grade 12 students can take any level of course as long as they have the prerequisite courses and marks.
  • Only register in courses for which you have the recommended prerequisite mark.
    • If your mark changes between now and the end of June (up or down from prerequisite), email us at [email protected] so you can be registered in the appropriate course. Do not wait until fall as many classes fill up.

What if I am currently failing a core course or failed a core course in Semester 1?

  • You can only select a course for which you have the recommended prerequisite mark. If you are failing a course, refer to the Student Handbook for the appropriate course sequencing. You may have to re-register in a failing course and also choose the next level. See the question below.
  • If you require assistance with choosing the appropriate course sequencing, please email [email protected] and your administrator or counsellor will respond.

Can I take a 20-level & 30-level course in the same course sequence in my grade 12 year?

  • If you choose to request both a 20-level and 30-level of a particular subject, when your timetable is available for viewing in PowerSchool in late August, you must verify that the 20-level course is in your semester 1 timetable and any 30-level courses in the same sequence are in semester 2. For example, if you choose to retake Math 20-1 and also request Math 30-1, you must verify that Math 20-1 is in semester 1 and Math 30-2 is in semester 2.

What if my marks change (up or down) and I need or want to choose a different stream?

  • For example, you had 52% in Science 20 when you registered online and therefore could not choose Biology 30 as the prerequisite mark is 60%. At the end of June when marks are finalized, your mark has improved to 61% and you now qualify to choose Biology 30. At the end of June, send an email [email protected] with your name, the course you want and your new mark and Student Services will make a change to your course requests. Do not wait until fall as many classes fill up.

How do I choose Musical Theatre or Technical Theatre this year?

  • Each year, ESBCHS puts on a Musical Theatre production involving practices after school and on weekends. The production is then performed in late November at the Maclab Theatre in Leduc. See the handbook for more information.
  • If you intend to audition for Musical Theatre (Cast/Crew or Set Design), you will request Musical Theatre on your course planner. There are no credits associated with either course at the time of registration, as you are not guaranteed acceptance until after the auditions or application. You will receive more information from the teacher about the audition/application process later this spring.
    • Please note that if you are not successful during the audition process but still want to take a Drama course, please contact Student Services before the end of June.