École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School


Student Life

Student Groups

At ESBCHS, we offer a wide variety of clubs for our students to become involved in during the year. Below is a list of the kinds of experiences which have fostered a positive community environment at our school.There are many diverse student groups at ESBCHS that students are encouraged to join. The following is a listing of these groups with their mission statement or goal as well as meeting and contact information:

SAPP – Student Activists for Peace and Preservation

SAPP is working toward making the world a better place to live.  As the group is student driven, the causes we support will vary from year to year.  SAPP organizes a number of large events such as the 30 Hour Famine and Human Rights Day Rally.  Through fundraising efforts, SAPP supports charity organizations such as War Child, World Vision, Operation Christmas Child, Cancer Societies, local homeless shelters, the Food Bank and animal rescue societies.  In the past, SAPP has also coordinated tree planting activities and E-Waste round-ups.  Meetings are every Tuesdays at lunch in room 104.  Teacher contact: Mrs. Butler.

SADD – Students Against Drinking and Driving

The ESBCHS chapter of SADD is to inspire and motivate young people to stand up and eliminate the number one cause of death and injury among youth: drinking and driving. Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/SADD/266120113422653?ref=stream Meetings are every second Wednesday in room 114.  Teacher contact: Mr. Heap.

Pride Alliance

Pride Alliance is a youth organization that connects gay and straight students together to promote awareness and education. We aim to be a positive representation in the community who works to create a positive and supportive environment in order to reduce homophobia and prevent bullying. Meetings are every Wednesday at noon in the Drama Lab.  Teacher contact: Mrs. Yardley

Chess Club

Come out and try the Queen’s Gambit…. or even learn what it is! Meetings are every Wednesday in room 113. Teacher facilitator: Mr. Appelt