École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School


Inclusive Education

LEAP Program – Learning Everyday, Achieving Potential

The LEAP Program at ESBCHS meets the needs of students who have physical, intellectual, communication or multiple exceptionalities. Individualized special education programming and/or services are developed to help each student achieve their potential.

The LEAP program focuses on the core areas of Communication, Literacy and Numeracy. In addition to the core subject work, students will also be exposed to curriculum from Music, Art, Science and Social Studies to provide a well-rounded educational program. Students in the LEAP program will be registered in appropriate complementary courses in an inclusive setting. The final core element of this program is to provide each student with the opportunity to develop life and work skills that will assist in their transition to the community after high school.

OLCreate: Introduction to Inclusive Education An Introduction to Inclusive Education: 4.1 The inclusive learning environment

WORKS Program – Work Occupation Recreation Knowledge & Skills

 The WORKS Program is an alternate educational program offered at ESBCHS for those students who would experience challenges in a credited school program. The goal of this un-credited program is to develop job related skills through work experience and practical skills training. Students will focus on life skills, work skills and transitions, as well as core areas of Math, Science, Social and English. Once accepted in the program, placement will be evaluated yearly.

Knowledge and Employability (K&E) 

Knowledge and Employability Program (K & E)

The Knowledge and Employability courses are designed for students who meet the criteria and learn best through experiences that integrate essential and employability skills in occupational contexts. The courses provide students opportunities to enter into employment or continue their education.  The Knowledge and Employability route is a sequence of courses rather than a program and credit allocations. Students enrolled in this program obtain a Certificate of Achievement. Opportunity is available for students to upgrade and earn a High School Diploma. 

To view courses, course sequences and prerequisite marks, please view the Student Handbook 2021-2022.