Black Gold School Division
École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School


Mission Statement   ~   Notre Mission

~ Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Relationships~

~ Des Esprits Sains, Des Corps Sains, Des Relations Saines ~



“Pursuing individual achievement with a healthy mind and body through healthy relationships”

“A la poursuite de nos accomplissements individuels avec un esprit sain, un corps sain et des relations saines”



Healthy Minds: Having a healthy mind includes, but is not limited to…

Making thoughtful and informed decisions

Maintaining  academic integrity

Being open to various points of view

Developing  self-advocacy skills

Striving for internal motivation

Persevering  through challenges

Developing organizational, time management and self-advocacy skills

Maintaining high personal expectations

Understanding that learning is a lifelong process

Demonstrating creativity

Seeking creative solutions when problem solving

Asking BIG questions



Healthy Bodies:  Having a healthy body includes, but is not limited to…

Remaining substance free

Making nutritionally informed choices

Leading a balanced and active lifestyle

Finding opportunities to lead an active lifestyle

Striving for a balance between work and play

Observing personal safety

Developing and maintaining personal hygiene

Taking measures to prevent infection



Healthy Relationships: Having healthy relationships includes, but is not limited to…

Being supportive of others

Contributing positively to the school community

Developing  awareness  of community and global issues

Remaining respectful and accepting of others

Practicing positive behaviours

Using technology responsibly

Building relationships outside the classroom

Seeking to resolve social situations peacefully

Treating others with dignity

Taking an active role in school activities

Being aware that your actions affect others

Using positive language