École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School



To report a student absence,  please send an email to:

You may also call the main office at 780.929.6282 anytime to leave a message.  Students who arrive late are to proceed directly to their class. If they arrive within 20 minutes, they can ask their teacher to modify the unexcused absence code to late. An absence remains unverified and unexcused until such time as we are contacted by a parent or guardian.

Attendance Protocol

At ESBCHS, we regularly remind students of the correlation between attendance and achievement, and since students are expected to attend school punctually and regularly in accordance with the School Act, we monitor their attendance closely and strive to keep them on track.

Parents can expect regular communications from the school alerting them to their child’s absences, but once a student’s absences approach 5 or more in a class, our administrators and teachers will become involved to work with families to address the root causes of the attendance concerns. Student Services will become involved to provide support if the situation warrants. Please email [email protected] to notify the school of a student absence.

Please keep in mind that students can be withdrawn from a course if they miss in excess of 20 classes in a semester, however our ultimate goal is to avoid that and to work as a team with families to keep absences to a minimum.

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Late Protocol

All students who are late to class are to go straight to their current class. Any student who is less than 20 minutes late arriving in their class should check in with their teacher to have their attendance changed from UNVERIFIED to LATE by their teacher. If a student arrives more than 20 minutes late, their attendance will be shown as UNVERIFIED and an automated absence notification will be sent home.

Extended Leave Policy

ESBCHS defines extended absences as any absence longer than five (5) consecutive school days. Academic success is directly impacted by attendance, and therefore any activity which inhibits a student’s ability to attend class, inhibits their ability to learn. The first priority of the school is education and, as such, students should be in classes for the full learning experience. It is the students’ responsibility to attend school regularly in order to meet the expectations of the Education Act. Students need to be present in order to grow academically, socially, emotionally, physically and in order to have their learning assessed on a regular basis prior to making a choice between attending school and the extended absence, we ask that the family familiarize themselves with the following points:

  • The student and parent/guardian must complete and sign the attached ESBCHS Extended Leave Form and submit it to the school administration or counsellor a minimum of three weeks prior to the beginning of the absence.
  • The student and parent/guardian must complete an education plan and submit it to school administration or counsellor for approval a minimum of three weeks prior to the beginning of the absence.
  • Submission of this Extended Leave Form will serve to avoid unnecessary daily automated student absence reporting for unknown absences or a possible withdrawal from the system.
  • The student should be in good standing with the school with regards to attendance, academic standing and behaviour.
  • It is recommended that while away the student should partake in a minimum of 2-3 hours designated study time daily under parent supervision.
  • The student will be held accountable for all work missed. It will be entirely the responsibility of the student to make up and submit work upon return as outlined in the educational plan.
  • Provincial Exams are written on predetermined dates established by the Alberta Education. Any missed exams will not be excused.
  • All formal assessments need to be written in person at ESBCHS upon the student returning to school.
  • Approved extended absences must also adhere to the ESBCHS Final Exam Policy.
The following form should be submitted a minimum of three (3) weeks in advance of a planned absence and be accompanied by an education plan laid out for the duration of the extended absence.
ESBCHS Extended Leave Form

ESBCHS Full-time Student Status

In order to be considered a full-time student, ESBCHS requires that students adhere to Black Gold School Division’s Administrative Procedure 335 on Student Course Loads which  reads as follows: 

APM 335 (https://www.blackgold.ca/about-bgsd/procedure-manuals/)

In order to make optimum use of facilities and resources, high school students are to register in sufficient courses each year in order to allow for graduation within three (3) years.


  1. High school credits are to be registered through the local school
  2. Grade 10 students are to register for a full course load of forty (40) credits or more
  3. Grade 11 students are to register for a minimum of thirty-five (35) credits
  4. Grade 12 students are to register for a minimum of fifteen (15) credits per semester
  5. A Principal may waive these requirements if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the student’s educational program.