École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School


Digital Video Creation

Formerly Communication Technology (Comm Tech)

Digital Video Creation 10 (formerly Comm Tech) 3 credits *Course fee

The initial part of this course is to get the prerequisite course of COM 1005 for many CTS courses.  Within this course, students will learn elements of design and typography, visual presentation, and the production of visual images for different aspects of media.  Working independently or in a group, there is a component of marketing and ad techniques that can be incorporated into assisting in content creation.  Following curriculum, students will get basic instruction on pre-production, production and post-production for video assignments. They will have hands on experience with industry standard software and modern video equipment.  Final projects are video assignments that are for entertainment or a platform for creating video content for various social media platforms.

Comm Tech 20 (will become Digital Video Creation 20 2024-2025) 5 credits *Course fee

Recommended Prerequisite: COM1005, COM1015, COM1105

Building on Comm Tech 10, students will cover pre-production planning.  Students will create an original proposal, treatment, script, and storyboard.  From here, students will produce their video projects.  Included in production is filming, lighting, sound and in some cases working with green screen technology.  In this section of production, students will be directors, camera personnel, sound coordinators, and actors.  For the postproduction aspect of this course, students will use iMovie, Adobe After Effects, and some audio mixing software. Projects range from teacher assigned material to digital short films that are student/self-directed that adhere to curricular outcomes.

Comm Tech 30 (will become Digital Video Creation 30) 5 credits *Course fee

Recommended Prerequisite: COM 2125, COM 21055, COM 2115

Building on Comm Tech 20, students will take the skills they have learned and bring them to a higher level.  Within the 30-level course, students will develop their script writing skills, their production skills, and post-production techniques.  They will refine their editing skills and incorporate special effects and 3D motion tracking. The software is industry standard, and gives a glimpse into what it takes to make ads, training videos, or short films that are professional quality.  Within Digital Video Creation 30, students have the freedom to work on a large-scale project that can lead them into post-secondary education in the field leading to a career in the motion picture industry.